NBC: Pro-Biden group calls president a ‘doer’ in new ad push

A pro-Biden political group is touting the president’s latest legislative wins in a set of key battleground states key to both the 2022 and 2024 maps.

Unite the Country, founded to boost Biden’s candidacy in the 2020 Democratic primaries, is out with a new 30-second advertisement in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that calls the president a “doer” following through on his promises.

The ad touts new legislation aiming to boost the advanced manufacturing sector, and the Inflation Reduction Act’s provisions aimed at lowering prescription drug costs.

“Those other politicians can keep their empty promises. Biden’s looking out for us,” a union carpenter says in the ad.

The three states targeted in the new ad each have critical gubernatorial races this November. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which Biden visited on Labor Day, also have two potential pick-up opportunities for the party as they hope to build a more solid Senate majority.

And, of course, all three were narrowly went to Biden in 2020 and assured him the presidency. Ahead of the midterms, Unite the Country says it’s focused on those states, as well as Arizona and Georgia, as part of its efforts to promote the Biden agenda.

The new seven-figure ad buy will air on cable, digital and streaming platforms.

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