Unite the Country was formed to push back against the lies and disinformation being spread about former Vice President Joseph Biden by President Donald Trump and his allies. Our goal is to communicate to voters why Joe Biden is not only the best choice to defeat Trump in 2020, but is also the best candidate to restore honor and integrity to the White House and our nation.

Joe Biden can unite the country after years of Donald Trump’s spiteful and divisive rhetoric. He understands the struggles of middle America and can rebuild the middle class. He can restore dignity and stability to the Oval Office. He can rebuild our relationships with our allies around the world and take on the role of commander-in-chief from Day 1. 

Throughout his service in the Senate and as Vice President, Joe Biden has demonstrated he has the courage to do the right thing for this country, even when it is politically risky or unpopular. He’s taken on the NRA twice — and won. He played a key role in the fight to pass the Affordable Care Act. He wrote the first Violence Against Women Act. And he was one of the first leaders to take action on climate change. As president, he’ll always have the courage to fight for what’s right.