About Unite the Country

Unite the Country was formed in 2019 to support Joe Biden’s candidacy for President. We told the story of Vice President Biden’s success as a leader and policymaker and his commitment to restore and renew the best in American values, and we exposed the lies and disinformation spread about him by Donald Trump and his cronies during the campaign. After a resounding victory in 2020, our goal now is to communicate to the American electorate how President Biden’s agenda will both advance broad and desperately needed policy changes and help to heal our fractured political environment.

President Biden has begun the work to unite the country after years of Donald Trump’s spiteful and divisive rhetoric. He understands the struggles of ordinary Americans and is working to rebuild the middle class. He also understands America’s role internationally and is already improving relations with our allies in order to restore a foreign policy that will lead to greater global stability. 

Throughout his long career in public service, President Biden has demonstrated that he has the courage to do the right thing for this country, even when it is politically risky or unpopular. In his first several weeks in office, he has delivered on numerous campaign promises: leveraging the Defense Production Act to speed up vaccine production and distribution; reengaging with the World Health Organization, halting the Keystone XL Pipeline, combating discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, and stopping draconian immigration policies. Unite the Country is proud to continue to support President Biden’s bold agenda and vision for America, and we will support candidates for public office who have similar foresight and courage.

Our Board Members

Mark Doyle, Chair
Tom Flynn
Austin Keyser
Michelle Maravich
John Rosenthal